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EN Domiciliu Instabil

Unstable residence

Collective: Iudith Ardeleanu, Marius Armașu, Mihaela Bîrlegi, Ioseph Cotnăreanu, Mișa Dumitriu, Paul Dunca, Margareta Eschenazy, Alice Monica Marinescu, Mihaela Michailov, Jak Neumann, Katia Pascariu, Marius Rădulescu, David Schwartz, Lippa Segall, Pompiliu Sterian, Dorotea Weissbuch

Unstable residence is a performance which investigates, from the subjective perspective of the residents of `Amalia and Rabbi Chief Moses Rosen` nursing home, the way in which urban housing processes have evolved in the local context: from how dwelling reflects the gap between social classes, to `Romanianization` and evacuations during the war, to precarious housing during the late socialist period and the traumatic experiences of evacuations after 1989. The performance which features nine residents from the nursing home, proposes an active-affective and critical-political recovery to the social history of housing, as well as a reflection on the limits, the proximity and the possibilities that different types of housing establish. Further, the performance is a reflection on the processes of modernization and establishment of various forms of property in the Romanian context, and the way in which everyday life was and is affected by these processes.

*A production by 4thAge Community Arts Centre in partnership with ADO Association.